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Writing a Funeral Speech

Writing a eulogy is not an easy task, when you are faced with all the grief of losing a loved one. However, this task cannot be left or hired out to just anyone. You, a person who best knows and spent most of the time with the deceased should write it. Having just lost someone will have taken a toll on you, and thus you need to make the funeral speech writing as easy as possible. Below is a guide to simplify your eulogy writing.

Tips for Writing a Eulogy
Eulogy Length
Before writing your eulogy, it is important that you speak with the funeral venue’s manager and check on the time limit for the eulogy. The eulogy should be long enough to cover the most important details of the deceased’s life. However, it should not be too long such that it brings boredom and ends-up taking time meant to cover other issues.

Eulogy Tone
Tone for the eulogy can take any direction as long as it portrays the life of the deceased. You can opt to go with somber humor or a serious tone. Or you could decide to use the two together. All you have to do is be cautious that the tone taken fits the funeral setting.

The Eulogy Introduction
In the introduction part of your eulogy, you need to briefly introduce yourself and your relation to the deceased. Do not skip this part assuming that everyone in the audience knows you. Be simple and do not exaggerate. Let the introduction inform the audience of the direction that your eulogy will be taking.

The Body
In the body of the eulogy, feel free to give stories about the deceased’s life. Dwell around his or her virtues, their positives and how they impacted the lives of others. Remember, that most of the audience is the deceased’s family and putting out their negatives will only offend them.

The Conclusion
The conclusion should be very powerful. The last thing said is what the audience is likely to remember. Make a last remark that everybody will remember.

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Crafting the Ultimate Funeral Speech
A funeral speech is a form of farewell to the deceased that comes in written words. Each eulogy is unique in its own because it describes a person, their life and their traits. Therefore, there is no predefined right or wrong way of writing a funeral speech. Writing a eulogy at this time when you are still grieving may be quite burdening. But, it may be easy if you just followed some of the guidelines given here.

Funeral Speech Writing Guidelines
Personalize the Eulogy
The eulogy writing should be kept very personal. Avoid stating dry facts that everyone already knows. This will bore the crowd pretty fast. Instead, try give a memorable story about his life that will illustrate what the deceased loved.

The funeral speech should be very positive. In some cases, you will find that the deceased hardly had a positive thing in their life. If the deceased had lots of negatives, it is not your job to remind the audience. Trust that most of the audience being family or friends, they already know this. Make a eulogy that concentrates on the positives because negative remarks will be used to judge you harshly, not the deceased.

The funeral speech should be very brief. The longer you make the funeral speech, the more likely it will be for you to slip and make the audience uncomfortable. Only surround your eulogy around a very strong trait that you admired in the person. Or you can narrate a story that will be helpful in explaining what the deceased was like when alive.

A funeral is both a sad day and a day to celebrate the life of the deceased. Do not forget this in your eulogy. Endeavor to make it less sad for the audience that already have heavy hearts. Instead, of making it about how the person died, make it about how the person lived and his relations with other people.

Ending Remarks
Your final thoughts are a very significant part of the eulogy. This is what people will remember. Therefore, make it as powerful as possible.

You can find more creative ways to make your funeral speech remarkable from eulogiesmadeeasy.com. This is a really awesome website. I have known hundreds who have good feedback on this site and even some celebrities get their eulogy speech from here. You might want to check it out!

Avoid Jury Duty With A Doctor’s Excuse

[caption id="attachment_60" align="alignleft" width="285"]get your copy of a dr. notes template download doctor’s notes online[/caption]

You know the witnesses
There is always a point when the judge calls out the names of witnesses who will testify in the case. This is a good window to bring up a doctor’s excuse by name dropping and claiming to know a doctor whom you claim to be your neighbor. However, keep in mind that a oncologist’s excuse for work is not something that your employer’s do not know. In fact, they might have figured out a way to distinguish it long before these notes had been known by you.  If the lie is discovered there is no need to panic as you can always claim to be referred to another doctor sharing a similar name. The trick for this is to use a common name such as Smith and not standout names which may easily land you in trouble.

Skip school just by using a fake doctor’s note.

You know the area
You can alternatively claim to be able to identify a witness or worse case scenario the defendant as this is one sure way to earn a surgeons excuse.

Medical reasons

As a matter of fact, this could be the best way to dodge a date with a jury with a doctor’s note indicating that a doctor has ascertain your condition. Presenting signs of severe migraines or stress levels could get you a quick dismissal. With the note, convincing enough to get the judge to sympathize with you about your condition compromising your credibility the most likely decision will be an automatic disqualification. The worst case scenario you can ask for withdrawal based on your need to tend to a sick relative or family member and this compromises your ability to attend to the jury’s request. A phony surgeon’s form can always get you out of any responsibility.

A fake medical practitioner’s letter can always get you out of any responsibility.

Start creating your own doctor’s excuse so that you can relax at home or wherever you want.

Fake a hearing problem
Simply fake the fact that you cannot hear and keep staring at the person directing questions at you to earn a direct doctor’s excuse. With the repeated asking of the same question you may chip in every once in a while with ‘pardon me’.

Look like a mess
You can pull this off by showing up shabbily dressed and completely disorganized and with a touch of dozing during the questioning session you are likely to be pulled off.

The best excuses are the most convincing like a faked doctor’s note.

When all else fails…

Unfortunately, not all are able to pull of these and for some they prefer to perform their duty as citizens and appear before the jury. Taking such a position you can best prepare by:

Bring reading material: trial may not start immediately and the recess period is occasionally long, so bring books and magazines along could help you kill time by indulging your time.
Review important information
Prior planning before the actual court day by checking on restaurants, parking, and check in and check out details help you avoid stress on the actual day of the hearing. Try learning how to make a fake physician’s form to get out of work.d32

Arrange with family and employer
On the day you are to be away it is good to inform your bosses and family to avoid inconveniencing the family or unnecessary pay cuts at the work place.

Arrive well-rested
Sleeping early allows you to rest your mind and ensure it is fresh for the next day.

Don’t socialize
Chatting with the neighbors seated next to you is a distraction you should avoid to ensure you remain focused on the court case.

Stretching of the body is especially good during the breaks and recess.

Use phoney dr. note to get out of any responsibility from work.

How Much Bereavement Time To Expect

Bereavement counselling is a form of specialized counseling that targets people who have lost loved ones with an aim of helping them out of their grief. As such, it helps the people find better ways of coping with their grief by coming up with mechanisms that help the people quickly come out of their bereavement time. It is for all ages and everyone mourning, especially for those who are overwhelmed with their grief to an extent that it is affecting their normal lives.

Understanding Grief

The way people respond emotionally towards the loss of loved ones is what is known as grief. It entails a wide range of reactions and emotions such as anxiety, shock, sadness, numbness and even anger. The emotions are progressive and one undergoes a complete cycle of these emotions to recover, although the time varies as some may take days, months while some even years to get through this. Emotions evoked by loss of different people may differ from one person to another and this is normal. This is considered normal as people share different bonds and relationships with the different people and are bound to react to their loss differently. When the bereavement time extends to a level where it compromises the quality of ones work, education or even relationships then a bereavement counselor should step in.

Stages of Grief

There is no definite pathway for one who is grieving though theories have been developed of the distinct stages which people who are mourning go through.  The Kubler-Ross grief model developed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross comes up with a five stage grieving cycle or rather a process which involves denial, anger, bargaining, depression and eventually acceptance. However, this cycle does not necessarily apply to all as not everyone goes through each and every one of these stages. This model, however, helps those grieving in their bereavement time to be able to make sense of what they are going through hence helping them cope with their grief.

Bereavement Counselling

This counseling is administered on either an individual basis or in a group with the sole purpose of helping the grieving to be able to comprehend what he or she is going through. As such, questions likely to arise during this session entail the relationship shared with the deceased or the state of their lives after the loss of their loved ones. While responding to this question often the bereaved evoke what they feel in the form of sadness, anger or even resentment which often leads them to breaking down due to emotional distress. Bereavement counselors understand that shouting and crying is a part of the bereavement time and therefore have learnt how to respond to such reactions during emotional breakdowns.

Group therapy limits the individual focus since time for one on one is limited, although such reactions are often characteristic of the sessions. Emotional outburst is only limited to grieve and they should at no point be directed to the group members or the therapist. The recovery period is also a decision which will require input of both the therapist and the group members. What is important is to acknowledge that bereavement counseling is not an admission of weakness, but strength to get help when one is needed.

Choosing The Right Gynecologist

Apparently, a gynecologist’s exam room is more intimidating to people than the scariest horror movies they often watch. Perhaps this could be attributed to the nature of the questions they ask that relate to the sexual lifestyle which people prefer to keep to them inside and forget that such questions are asked for their own good. The health and wellness of an individual supersede anything else and as such the nature of the questions asked by the gynecologist should not matter as long as it is in relation to these two key aspects.

The gynecologist is all about ruling out any chances of diseases, check for problems related to pregnancies, help your family plan and ultimately check for the so-called below the belt problems and as such, issues and questions that are bound to come up are the ones you think you want to avoid. A probability of inspection of your private parts with your legs spread is highly likely, but why avoids it when it is for your own good?

Ask: What are my needs?

d35Understanding your needs, help you prioritize like for instance, going for a well woman exam on an annual basis will indulge screening for cancer, examination of the breast, entire body checkup and even counseling. All this may likely be done by a women’s health specialist, a general gynecologist or even nurse practitioners. This is adequately covered and catered for in the Affordable Care Act that also has additional tests such as the pelvis and internal exams as well as the pap tests. Planning for pregnancies require an input or rather professional advice of an obstetrician gynecologist as this is more about your health and that of the baby best entrusted in the hands of this specialist.

A fake doctor notes at fakedoctorsnotetips.com gives an example of a great note that will surely work. Reviewing the said sample, I saw all the elements that should be seen in a real one. It’s not the same as the old school notes that we present in a traditional way. It had evolved in the modern trend in today’s companies. Being able to produce one can lead to great benefits.

Need for specialist

Complication or problems appertaining to your health and that of your baby is well handled by the gynecologist. As such complication such as infertility, pelvic floor disorders or even cancer can best be handled by a gynecologist or in special circumstances they can refer you to the best specialist to handle your case. Each and every doctor has a specific areas of specialization and it is best for you to find the doctor who knows how best to handle your situation, especially with the experience for your complications for instance urinary incontinence require a specialist in pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

There may be cases where your regular gynecologist feels sufficient to handle your problem, although you may be having doubts. In such a scenario asking the doctor a few questions before he performs the procedure can give you all the assurances and the confidence you need to trust him. Alternatively or in addition, you can also check the history of the gynecologist and the procedures performed that relate to your problem.

Find out about the likely complications of the procedures and, if the gynecologist has had some during the performance of the procedure before. Such inquiries are for your own good for your own health as you are guaranteeing yourself the best care you can possibly get. If your gynecologist is good for the job then let them perform the procedure, but if not you may ask for a referral to a specialist or begin a hunt for one online through sites such as the Vitals and Healthgrades that give credential and reviews of the different specialists.


Be Careful Using A Blank doctor’s note

The latest trend cropping up is the use of the fake doctor notes acquired on the internet by people and used to absent themselves from work or school. What is more alarming if the fact that this trend is cultivated by the online businesses which supply this fake note, since it is hard to get them from actual doctors unless there is friendship or deeper ties.

This is a tricky affair that requires careful and adequate preparation before undertaking as often there are unforeseen challenges and circumstances that may arise in the course of using or acquiring blank doctor’s notes especially online. What is even worse is opting to steal the blank doctors note as this has more serious implications which could be as worse as earning you some jail time. It would be better to acquire an online template rather than steal the blank doctor’s note especially considering the possible legal consequences attached to it. It is best to avoid indulging stolen blank doctor’s notes or even those that have been altered.

If you want to print fake doctors note template, you must have a good printer and high-quality paper. You must also know the size of real notes because they vary depending on location and facility. Then, you need to choose the best website or online vendor that sells the appropriate notes in you area. If you don’t have time to do some research, you must avoid using this option for your next excuse letter source.

Familiarize yourself with the contents of the doctor’s note


It is important that you don’t look stupid because your story is completely different from what is reflected in the doctor’s note. Take for instance a scenario where after spending time on the beach and you are all tan your note indicates that you were suffering from swine flu or your note indicates that you have a broken foot yet you are not limping and neither do you have a cast or plaster to show for it. Numerous online sites give employers clues on how to identify employees who are fooling them and how to sight fake doctor’s notes. It is important to review such sites and beware of the clues while also noting the sites just meant to make a fool of the people after fake blank doctor’s notes.

What to avoid

Considering that wrong fake blank doctor’s notes could spell doom for you and your job they need to be careful during acquisition of a blank doctor’s note cannot be overemphasized enough. Some simple mistakes such as spelling and grammatical errors are characteristic elements used to identify fake doctor notes by employers. This should not be a habit, but just when you need it and if you have to use it frequently uses as many excuses as you can rather than stick to one as that in it arouses suspicions in the first place. Avoid use of union catch phrases that may warrant an in-depth analysis of the doctor’s note by your employers due to suspicion they arouse.

Check out for the back-to-work clauses such as when exactly to return to work as early return may arouse complication, especially where communicable diseases or unhealed injuries are involved as this may bring up legal and health complications unintentionally. When you find the best quality fake doctors note the need for verification is often seldom and more so when the need for the fake doctor’s note is down to the fact that you were actually sick. Some of the administrators with their wealth of experience know the different formats of doctors’ notes and are able to determine the fake and the actual doctor’s notes and this is where the online templates could come in handy. Finding a great medical document that’s proven to work is not really that challenging if you have the willingness to pay a small amount.

You can learn more from randyandmoss.com concerning on what elements of a doctor’s note that you must avoid.

Signs You Should Go See The Doctor

When is the right time to go see the doctor? Some scenarios such as cuts or bleeding are often acknowledged by most people are circumstances that need the doctor’s attention as soon as possible. Some signals are however subtle and often ignored, but do require the doctor’s attention as well. Often people will ignore them but realize when they are worse off that they ignored the opportunity to help themselves earlier when they had the opportunity. Below are some of the conditions you should warrant an appointment with the doctor, although the list is not exhaustive.

Continuous routine headache

Headaches occur often, although some are worse off than others. Headaches which are very painful and are often accompanied by back pains, fever or even stiff necks should get you to go see the doctor immediately as these are often premature signs of meningitis or aneurysms. These conditions often result in infections of membranes around the spinal cord and brain and also damaged or ruptured brain vessels respectively.

Continuous thirst and continuous peeing

80637604.jpg Doctor and Patient

Continuous drinking of water and urinating as well are abnormal trends that could only point to compromised functioning of the body, especially in the regulation of sugar levels in the body. High sugar levels alter water absorption role of the kidney as excessive sugar in kidney tubes and vessels prevent good fluid absorption. Lots of water is lost while excess sugar is getting rid of the body. This process is energy consuming and often leaves an individual hungry, tired, fatigued and with the urge to use the restrooms more often. Visiting a doctor for a test can help prevent any likelihood of diabetes as the end result.

Oh, I think I just had some bad fish.

This is especially in the middle class and the lower class who would feel pain in the chest and claim to be an indigestion problem when queried. This could be a pointer to a possible heart attack whose symptoms are radiating pains in the left arms or in the jaws, squeezing chest pressures, nausea and even vomiting. A check up when you notice any such symptoms could

Do I look thin in these jeans?

Most people often have issues with their weight and will often indulge in a number of things in an effort to trim their weight to the desired levels. It is important that the doctor is aware and involved in all your efforts all the way. Drastic drop in weight over a relatively shorter period of time warrants a doctor’s opinion or assessment. Sometimes such sudden weight loss may be pointers to ailments such as diabetes, thyroid problems or even weight loss.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!

Conditions such as headaches, dizziness or even weakness and slurred speech could be an indication of a stroke. Stroke is as serious as a heart attack and share similar signs and symptoms, therefore should not be taken for granted. Blockage of the brain vessels may cause deficiency of supply of oxygen to the brain and this is often the major cause of stroke. It is therefore important to go see the doctor when such conditions are presented.

There has been just a little blood and it only happened once.

Blood is meant to be maintained for the circulatory system in the veins and arteries except for menstrual cycle that occurs periodically in women. However, when blood is emitted during vomiting, coughing, defecating or urinating then there is a problem and a doctor should be consulted.

What kind of stomachache is this anyway?

It may be appendicitis when you experience an “appy” initiated with pains around the area around the bottom of the stomach which eventually extends towards the lower section of the right abdomen. This is often accompanied by loss of appetite, fever and nausea. Stomach scans and blood sample analysis can help clear any risks that may be involved.

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